It Began With A Phone Call

Beloved said we needed to have a "Metaphysical Conversation"

As of this writing the conversation never took place. However the anticipation of it sparked the G.O.D. Cover Song (available at ).

I've been asked a few times about the intro lines in my version of the G.O.D. cover and what they mean. I'm going to break the bars up for you in time segments. A line for line dissection is a bit much in my current spacial position; maybe later on down the line...

Before we get into it, just keep in mind, I attack cover songs from a few angles.

On this track I delivered my own words via the same flow / delivery used by the original artist; in segments. The original, I believe, is damn near 6 minutes (am I exaggerating?) Nah The original Track G.O.D Diss Track by Loaded Lux is 00:06:05.

I Covered: 00:58 - 1:53 of the Original Track (flow / delivery)

Picked the (flow / delivery) of the Original Track back up at 04:22 - 05:42

Following is the break up of the intro on my version of the G.O.D track:

1:05 - 1:12 - Definition of Space

1:12 - 1:18 These lines detail (planets) in Space along with the constellations (astrological signs) we associate with them, created by "man" to navigate the terrain and the stars.

1:18 - 1:24 Describes the formula for the distance between the Earth and the Sun

1:25 - 1:30 Speaks to the solidified artist I am in (celestial terms) asking " can you back up what you claim?"

Beloved said " This is when you got to come outside and put niggaz in they place" in the original.

I asked " Is your gravitational force all equal to your weight?"

To sum it all up, as big as space is, all of the elements; how small and minimal we are in comparison - sucka ass morons ( in my Charlie Murphy voice ) out here acting like they have the weight to back up their so called force.

We all are human beings living in an extremely vast realm of space. Amongst the planets, literally. With everyone talking real spicy about being outside, my angle came from my position. I know my place in space. I am aware of my surroundings. I have the capacity to overstand how small I am in this universe.

Being around people talking heavy like they make the earth move is over rated. The absence of force equals, idol. So being outside is a given, we literally live in space. Moreover, knowing your place is the ultimate peace.

Know your place. Respect the space. Overstand the plan is not going to go your way simply cause you say....Create, Complete, Repeat.

Wiked aka Double V

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